Sunday, May 30, 2010

stupid letter

tonight was a worst night ever..
i argue with my friends..
i felt like to killed anyone that i want..
n worst ever..
there's a gurl that suddenly let my head wanna explode!!!
down here is a letter that i sent to my bestfriend = ewan..
do read it :)

here's the story..
someone's gf suddenly ask me, "do u had a bf?"
it was a surprise questions but i juz need to be in her rythm..
and then i asked her back "do u had one?"
she said she had..
so i asked her "who is da lucky guy?"
then u know what she reply to me?
she said that the fact will made me sad..
i would to know why is that so..
then i realizad that she only wanted to psychoing me by tell me that GUY is HER'S..
i know that i already had a history with that GUY..
DO i need to care?
now i just want her to know that..
"hey gurl..i don't think that i DO need to be sad in this matter..if u wanna know..i will make u sad in ur life if i try to seduce ur little guy..don't even try to psychoing me,my dear"
i will do that if i was a seducing type of gurl..
i think thats da only story..
if anything to add..
i just send any message to u..
thanx for reading my WORST grammar ever..


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